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WcgE Digital Compilation 04

Die 4. Digitalcompilation aus der “We can´t get enough” – Partyreihe in Berlin !
Including tracks from artists like…
Andereas Henneberg
Sascha Braemer
Rekardo Rivalo
Dan Caster
Alex Sander
Lars Wickinger and others !
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KB 020 – Alex Sander / Lars Wickinger – Nuit EP

A1 – Alex Sander / Nuit

A2 – Lars Wickinger / Funky but hole

B1 – Andy Kohlmann remix / Nuit

written & produced by Alexander Sander (A1)
written & produced by Lars Wickinger (A2)
remix&add. Production by Andy Kohlmann (B )
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KB 019 – 5 years anniversary compilation

5 years anniversary compilation

with top guest musicians and producers

Sascha Braemer, Andreas Henneberg, Wehbba (Brazil),
Dan Caster and Marcio Kantana

and also some permanent KillA Beat artists like
Lars Wickinger, Rekardo Rivalo and Alex Sander.

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KB 017 – Lars Wickinger – Guarana Kid

A1 – Guarana Kid ( Original )

B1 – Guarana Kid ( Sascha Braemer remix )

B2 – Guarana Kid ( Alex Sander remix )


Excellent Remix from SASCHA BRAEMER (Subdup/Bar25) alias Hirtenfellner.
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